15 December 2007

Asian Spiced Christmas Pudding
by Chef Alan Orreal

As Christmas is upon us once again, and many people have asked me for this recipe. I felt it was time to post this recipe once and for all. So, this is my recipe and it has been inspired by two of the great Australian Chefs of my career: Masterchef Chong Liew & Chef Maggie Beer.

I first made this recipe with the late Don Dunstan in his kitchen in Norwood, Adelaide, in the early 90s, I have changed very little of the recipe over the years except the cashew nuts and the Kaffir lime leaves.

115 g candied citron peel
250 g mixed peel
225 g currants
225 g seedless raisins
225 g sultanas
225 g granulated sugar
75 g crushed cashew nuts
150 g preserved kumquats
4 pieces Kaffir lime leaves
300 ml port
100 ml 18 year-old brandy
115 g unbleached plain flour
1 good pinch ground cinnamon
1 good pinch freshly grated nutmeg
1 good pinch ground ginger
1 good pinch ground mace
4 pods cardamons
1 teaspoon salt
225 g chilled unsalted butter
225 g fresh breadcrumbs
3 free-range eggs

- mix the fruit, spices, lime leaves, sugar and alcohol together, allow to seep for 24 hours
- place flour and breadcrumbs in a large wooden bowl, and grate in the chilled butter
- mix the fruit and spice mix with the flour and butter
- beat the eggs in a glass bowl separately, and add to the mixture
- dust flour onto a 30cm square of calico, then spoon the mixture into the middle, gather up the sides and secure the bundle
- steam the pudding for 6 hours in a large pot with plenty of water (boiling method is ok, but water must be replaced every 30 minutes)
- suspend the pudding in a dry cool and airy place and leave to mature (I made mine late-September)

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