13 September 2007

Chairman Message

As the chairman of the newly formed Sri Lankan Junior Chefs Club (SLJCC), and on behalf of all the Club members, I welcome you to our SLJCC blog. We hope you will find interesting posts here to come back more often, and perhaps you can bookmark this site for easy reference to our blog.

Part of our aims in setting up this blog is to provide as much information for junior chefs in Sri Lanka; details of our monthly and regularly held events/gatherings where junior chefs can network; membership drives to encourage more aspiring young chefs to join the club; recruitment opportunities for junior chefs; overseas participations in culinary competitions/forums; and among many other things.

It was with great pleasure that I was given the opportunity to participate at the first WACS Asia Junior Forum held mid-August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the chairman of SLJCC, I was able to share the importance of setting up the SLJCC, our vision, mission and our future programmes at the forum to my fellow peers from other countries. It was through this attendance and participation that I realise that SLJCC has so much going, and so much more potentials to further develop the club.

Developing new skills/techniques and trainings will always be a part of the junior chefs journey. Thus, I hope the Executive and the Management levels from hotels, culinary schools and restaurants, can help to spread the word and encourage your apprentices, trainees, and junior chefs to join SLJCC club.
On behalf of the SLJCC club, my heartfelt gratitude to my chef and Club Founder, Mr Alan Orreal, for agreeing to be our advisor to get the club started and for his constant guidance. Without him steering the SLJCC in the right direction from the beginning, we would not have come thus far today.

So, come on and join SLJCC. Simply click on the link on the left sidebar and we will send you the information and membership package. If you are an employer genuinely interested in developing young talents in this country and giving our junior chefs the opportunity to work at your establishments, please email us as we would only be able to go forward with your participation.

We are also seeking sponsorships for SLJCC. We will be holding regular culinary challenges/competitions to raise the culinary skills of our junior chefs for the international culinary arena. Your sponsorships (monetary or products) will provide the much needed support for SLJCC to mould junior chefs for tomorrow.

Culinary regards
Eranga Perera
Chairman SLJCC

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